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Registration for the 2017 IRCHLB V Conference is now open.

Please click the link below to access the online registration and payment forms.

*Click here for the Conference Registration

Attention: Credit card processing will not allow special characters, such as the # sign or letters with accent marks in the text of the credit card fields. Please remove all accent marks before submitting your registration and credit card payment.

This 5th International Research Conference on Huanglongbing will again provide presentations, lectures and posters from presenters from around the world. The cost of the conference is $550 USD per person with a welcome reception being held on Tuesday evening, March 14th. A late fee of $100 USD will be charged for registrations submitted after November 30th, 2016. Registrations after March 10th, 2017 will incur a $150 USD late fee.


There will not be a tour during the conference.